Case StudiesClamp-on Sensor

Summary: Faced with a serious overheating issue in hundreds of thousands of units, a refrigeration manufacturer turned to Blaze for a solution. Blaze designed a custom clamp-on sensor, resolving the problem effectively. This collaboration has led to a decade-long manufacturing relationship with plans for ongoing partnership. Blaze stands ready to design custom sensors for any temperature challenge.

Industry: Refrigeration
Process: Engineering, Design, Custom Manufacturing
Category: Emergency Custom Sensor Rollout

A refrigeration manufacturer was in a critical situation: an alarming overheating issue had emerged in hundreds of thousands of their units already distributed, necessitating an urgent recall. The issue wasn’t just an operational hiccup; it was potentially life-threatening. The manufacturer required a custom clamp-on sensor that could be easily installed on existing units in the field and swiftly integrated into the manufacturing line.

Blaze, ever-ready to tackle temperature challenges, collaborated closely with the manufacturer’s engineering team to design a solution. The result was a custom-designed clamp-on sensor that effectively addressed the overheating problem, adhering to all the manufacturer’s specifications. Owing to this successful intervention, Blaze has been the trusted manufacturer for these units for nearly ten years, with plans to continue this partnership long-term.