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In the world of precise temperature measurement, takes us on a journey through the intricate specifications of temperature gauges. Delving into the nuances of these essential instruments, we uncover the key features that define their functionality and accuracy.

Within general applications, the preference leans toward the Bimetallic type of gauges overfilled type gauges. A host of meticulously crafted features distinguishes these gauges, ensuring their optimal performance:

• Manufactured according to SAMA class for precision and consistency.

• Case compensation is thoughtfully integrated to maintain accuracy.

• The temperature bulb material is upheld to a minimum of SS 316, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

The dial of the gauge bears its own set of thoughtfully designed attributes:

• A generous 150 mm nominal size, ensuring readability and visibility.

• The dial showcases black numerals against a white background, enhancing clarity.

• The incorporation of red color against a white background clearly marks negative temperature values, ensuring swift comprehension.

• Adjustable head provision is made available, ensuring adaptability to various settings.

• Convenience is paramount with the provision for pointer adjustment without necessitating its removal from the shaft.

Gauges boast a weatherproof construction adhering to IP66 standards, emphasizing reliability even in demanding environments.

For situations characterized by vibrations, the employment of filled type gauges with capillary extensions is recommended. These gauges are thoughtfully designed with a capillary tube crafted from a minimum of SS 316, while flexible armouring and a PVC cover over armouring provide both durability and protection.

Comprehensive exploration of temperature gauge specifications showcases their dedication to precision, reliability, and adaptability in temperature measurement.

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