There are many different positions where temperature measurement is performed in the automotive industry.
According to AZO Materials:
“In automotive testing, temperature measurement is often performed at multiple positions. Large rolls of thermocouple wire are required to perform temperature measurements in and around a plastic bumper. However, the enlarged bundled wire diameter presents some technical difficulties as it can start affecting the structural integrity of the area of interest.
Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire
“To address this issue for a well-known German car maker, OMEGA developed a very thin and highly accurate shielded type K thermocouple wire measuring a 2.4 mm diameter. Omega’s 5SRTC-TT-K and 5SRTC-TT-T thermocouple wires are exceptional examples of products capable of consistently and reliably delivering high-performance temperature measurements.
High Performance Brake Temperature Measurement
“For performance applications such as observed in auto-sport and Formula 1, OMEGA has engineered a specific solution for brake system components.
Pt1000 Pipe Plug Sensor
“OMEGA’s Pt1000 pipe plug sensor probes can be screwed into the caliper and fed into an on-board data recorder, allowing extremely accurate temperature monitoring performance. This probe will endure temperatures of over 680 °C and conditions of high vibration and shock.
Gas Measurement – Turbo Charger
“As the turbo is normally exposed to the high temperature exhaust stream, it is important to protect it from extreme temperatures during its functional life.
Turbo Charger Probe
“OMEGA can supply a customized probe just for exhaust gases, which can be fitted into the turbo charger of a test car. This sensor becomes part of the robust thermocouple monitoring system. It is made using MI-insulated cable XL-N-MO-4.5MM-SLE and does not diminish mechanical strength, which will last the life-time of the test turbo charger.
Hermetically Sealed Temperature Sensors
“For applications where liquid immersion or contact is needed such as automotive oil or water temperature testing, OMEGA supplies an unparalleled range of temperature sensors.
Thermistor, RTD and Thermocouple Probes
“OMEGA offers basic and customized temperature probes for vehicle inspection, emissions testing and many more applications. These sensors feature an IP68 seal-welded tip suitable for chemical resistance, liquid immersion and easy cleaning. Available as an RTD, thermistor or thermocouple, these industry leading sensors can handle temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 250 °C.
Non-Contact Measurement
Non-Contact Automotive Testing
“For non-contact temperature measurement during automotive engine testing and general inspection.
OMEGA Non-Contact Solutions
“OMEGA offers a full range of thermal cameras, infrared transmitters and infrared guns suitable for remote temperature measurement and analysis. The featured OS730K unit has a Type K thermocouple input. With a temperature range of -50 °C to 800 °C, it is suitable for engine temperature monitoring. A number of different styles are available on the company’s website.
Infrared Measurement of Brake System
“For continued rapid and easy monitoring from R&D through to the final product.
OS-MINI Miniature Sensor
“The OS-MINI is a tiny sensor with dimensions of only 18 x 45 mm, making it ideal for mounting in tight spaces. A high ambient version can endure temperatures of up to 180 °C without air or water cooling.
Oven Temperature Profiling System
“Automotive painting and coating relies upon a critical control of temperature to achieve the best paint finishes during material curing operations.
High Temperature Probes and Profiling Systems
“OMEGA can provide tailor-made temperature profiling systems adjusted to specific automotive applications. The XCIB Series inconel overbraided thermocouple probes and OM-CP-OCTTEMP-A data loggers are outstanding examples. These can become part of an automotive oven temperature profiling system that offers instant feedback of the oven temperature for optimizing the quality of paint and material curing operations.”
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