36″ Exhaust Temperature Probe Harness – 062002B-36


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• Racetrack tested and approved by professional race teams.
• This features the individual 36” cable length probe found in the Black Series exhaust harness kit.
• Each probe includes one threaded cap, one stainless steel ferrule, and one additional brass ferrule.
• Uses durable Teflon wiring with a Mylar-Aluminum shield and drain wire reducing electrostatic & electromagnetic noise. This gives the purest, most accurate signal possible.
• Fast response times (250+ milliseconds) and consistent stable readings.
• Capable of withstanding extreme vibration and temperatures, Blaze probes are made with Inconel 600 sheathing able to withstand temperatures of 2200°+F.
• Hand made in the U.S.A.
Specification/ Model: 062002B - 36 Sensor Type: Type K (Chromel / Alumel) Inconel 600 Temperature Range: 32°F ~ 2200°F Sensor O.D.: .250” (1/4”) Diameter Junction Type: Exposed Bend: 90° “A” Dimension: 2 -3/4” (2.75”) Tip to Bend “AA” Dimension: 1 -3/8” (1.375”) Bend to Fitting Wire: Teflon with Mylar-Alluminum shield & drain wire Wire Lengths: 36” Hardware: Stainless Steel Compression Ferrule & Cap Terminal: Stripped Leads / Mini-Plug