How to Ship a Vaccine: The Story Behind the Box

When a critical vaccine must be stored at sub-zero temperatures, Blaze Technical Services rose to the challenge. By Andy Jensen In the early months of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had the attention of the United States Government. Daily infection rates and subsequent death rates were increasing at an alarming rate. The White House needed a…

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Blaze Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 years of business, Blaze Technical Services of Stow, Ohio, will be sponsoring the Jim Dunn Racing team at this year’s Dodge//SRT NHRA U.S. Nationals. The race team and driver, Jim Campbell, are looking forward to the Big Go to showcase its new red, white, and blue Blaze-sponsored Dodge Charger Funny Car. Among the…

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Strengthening Heated Flooring: Blaze’s Solution to Sensor Durability

Summary: When a customer’s heated flooring temperature sensor failed due to breakage, Blaze Technical Services, Inc. stepped in. Through a design modification, durability was increased, allowing the customer to proceed with production. The customer continues to partner with Blaze for manufacturing these robust sensors. Industry: FlooringProcess: Engineering, DesignCategory: Part Redesign Blaze Technical Services, Inc. is…

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Clamp-on Sensor

Cooling the Crisis: Blaze’s Swift Response with Custom Sensors

Summary: Faced with a serious overheating issue in hundreds of thousands of units, a refrigeration manufacturer turned to Blaze for a solution. Blaze designed a custom clamp-on sensor, resolving the problem effectively. This collaboration has led to a decade-long manufacturing relationship with plans for ongoing partnership. Blaze stands ready to design custom sensors for any…

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Low-Cost RTD

Blaze’s Custom RTD Sensor Elevates Kitchen Safety and Efficiency

Summary: In collaboration with an eco-friendly kitchen ventilation system manufacturer, Blaze designed a custom low-cost RTD sensor. This solution promptly detects grease flare-ups and temperature spikes, allowing for system automation, energy savings, and safety. This successful solution has been in use since 2004, showcasing Blaze’s expertise in tailored sensor solutions. Industry: Kitchen Ventilation SystemsProcess: Engineering,…

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Top Fuel Dragster EGT, Crew Chief, NHRA, NASCAR

Blaze’s Unyielding EGTs Take the Lead on the Track

Summary: When challenged by a Top Fuel Dragster crew chief to produce a durable and cost-effective EGT, Blaze delivered an exceptional probe that outperformed market standards. This achievement has marked Blaze as a top EGT supplier for 15 years, serving various racing circuits, OEMs, and individual users. The product’s robustness speaks for itself, reinforcing the…

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