Celebrating 25 years of business, Blaze Technical Services of Stow, Ohio, will be sponsoring the Jim Dunn Racing team at this year’s Dodge//SRT NHRA U.S. Nationals. The race team and driver, Jim Campbell, are looking forward to the Big Go to showcase its new red, white, and blue Blaze-sponsored Dodge Charger Funny Car.

Among the items it manufactures, Blaze produces temperature probes used in many racing classes. Jim Dunn Racing is one of the teams utilizing Blaze components to track performance data on each qualifying and elimination rounds.

“Blaze understands racing because they are always developing new and better products just like the teams at the track,” said Jim Dunn Racing Team Manager Jon Dunn. “When you think about the intense heat and vibration an 11,000-hp Funny Car produces each run, we have to rely on components that hold up and give us good information about what went right or wrong on each pass.”

Blaze is celebrating its founding in 1996 by rolling out a 25th anniversary Black Series Probe that significantly reduces Electromagnetic Interference through newly designed cable shielding. To give race teams a cutting-edge advantage, Blaze came up with the new product to provide clean, low interference data.

Source: NHRA