Summary: When a customer’s heated flooring temperature sensor failed due to breakage, Blaze Technical Services, Inc. stepped in. Through a design modification, durability was increased, allowing the customer to proceed with production. The customer continues to partner with Blaze for manufacturing these robust sensors.

Industry: Flooring
Process: Engineering, Design
Category: Part Redesign

Blaze Technical Services, Inc. is known for its range of temperature sensor probes, from general purpose to custom-manufactured. Our capability was put to the test when a customer presented a design for a temperature sensor for heated flooring. Upon implementation, these sensors began breaking, presenting a real challenge.

Rather than starting from scratch, Blaze’s engineer quickly identified the durability issue. A solution was proposed: a modification to the existing design that would increase its resistance to the stress of heated flooring. The customer approved, and with the redesigned sensor, production proceeded without further setbacks.

As a result of this successful intervention, the customer has continued to rely on Blaze for manufacturing these enhanced sensors. It underscores one of our core principles: “Whether it is your design or ours, or a combination of both, Blaze is here to keep projects on track.”